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05.01.2016 - Neues Video - Chopin auf einem Pleyel-Flügel (1836) - Zürcher Hammerklavierfestival 7.11.2015

01.12.2015 - LIVE: Beethoven Waldstein-Sonate auf Fortepiano

01.09.2015 - Begeisterte Pressestimmen zur CD 'Winterreise'

"While the use of period pianos in 19th-century music is becoming more and more prevalent, I'd say that this disc is far and away the most thrilling recording of one that I've heard in a long while." pdf Early Music Today

"The whole disc is like a sorbet taken to refresh the palate after a dose of heavy food!" pdf UK Liszt Society Journal

01.09.2015 - Neues Video - Chopin Nocturne auf originalem Pleyel-Flügel (1844)

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